MOC: BBC Micro Model B

The BBC Micro Model B is the computer I remember most fondly from my first steps with programming as a child in the 1980s. All British schools had them and they were a popular home computer too.

This model borrows building techniques I learnt from Chris McVeigh’s website, in particular his Commodore 64.

Inside, like Chris, I’ve included some circuitry:

There’s also some ports on the back:

Model created in BrickLink Studio, but I’ve also ordered the parts and made it for real.

Click here to download Instructions.

Click here to download XML parts list for BrickLink.

(On some browsers, you may need to right click and click Save as… or similar)

To import the parts list, go to BrickLink and click on Wanted, then Upload, then select “Upload BrickLink XML format” and copy and paste the XML in.