MOC: The Underground Bunker

Tom and I were watching Colin Furze’s YouTube channel and saw his video about building an underground bunker in his back garden. It’s a fun watch:

This got us thinking about what an underground bunker in our garden would look like. We live in a terraced house with a small garden that has a ‘studio’ at the end of it:

We thought that Lego could be a great medium to explore the idea of a garden bunker for us! I started with a model of the back garden and studio:

We thought it would be a great idea to have an entrance to the bunker through Tom’s play house (the small blue building!) and Tom was very keen on the idea of a slide down into it:

In the end, we got a bit carried away and developed a 4-floor bunker:

Floor 1 has a home cinema, a bedroom, bathroom, computer area, refreshments and seating:

We used PartDesigner to make some tiles with our favourite chocolate bars:

Here’s the bathroom and cinema:

Floor 2 has a lego build room, a library, a bowling alley and a secret store of rare Lego sets:

The secret room is accessed by sliding two of the book cases back to reveal a sliding door:

The room contains some highly prized sets (at least by Tom and I):

Floor 3 has a games room and swimming pool:

And some of our favourite soft drinks on tap:

Finally, Floor 4 has an indoor football pitch: