Review: 21037 Lego House

I picked up 21037 on a trip to Denmark in June last year. It’s a Lego Architecture rendition of the LEGO House in the centre of Billund and is a set that can only be bought in the shop at the attraction.

The real LEGO House building is a fantastic piece of architecture, designed by the renowned firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group.

The LEGO set is packaged in the black boxes familiar to all the sets in the Architecture series.

Inside are 7 non-numbered bags containing 774 pieces and a glossy instruction book.

The first par of the build involves laying out the groundwork. This can be quite fiddly.

The build is more satisfying when you start constructing the main structure, although it can get a little repetitive because the building is, essentially, a lot of blocks stuck together!

Some of the final block sections are a little tricky to get aligned. The final building really captures the form of the real LEGO House.

Overall, this is a fantastic souvenir for a visitor to the LEGO House. It has limited appeal to the occasional Architecture series collector, but the completist will need every model, which perhaps explaining the high after market prices.


  • Richard’s verdict: 7/10 – a great souvenir to take away from a visit to the LEGO House. A satisfying build that cements the memories of a fantastic weekend in Billund.
  • Tom’s verdict: 8/10 FUN!
  • Released: Sep 2017
  • Number of pieces: 774